Journey Acceleration: The Ultimate Solution for B2B Marketers
Redefining Marketing Strategies through ABM

SalesMark Global accelerates the journey of B2B marketers by using the world’s leading data and accounts intelligence to help businesses engage and prioritize with global buying committees.

As a media agency, we enable organizations to convert their best accounts faster through our global multi-channel ABM media activation and measurement solution; thus shortening the sales cycle to impact ROI positively.

SalesMark Global’s Success Strategy: Implementing ABM


Historical performance: Unveil the buying centers that have proactively been engaging with relevant content and advertising.
B2B research: Recognize accounts' interest in specific products and solutions based on content research trends.
Solution installs base: Validate accounts that have invested in competitive hardware and software applications.


ABM content syndication: Present the finest white papers, e-books, and webinars to account researchers seeking solutions.
HQL/ BANT activated demand generation: Identify and nurture pre-qualified leads in the sales funnel for optimal conversion rates.
ABM Social Advertising with LinkedIn: Augment engagements with the best accounts across all LinkedIn advertising.


Account engagement: Analyze and understand the highest-engaging accounts and personas across multiple channels.
Program performance: Track what impact your content and messaging have on defined business and campaign goals.
Pipeline impact: Corroborate the influence on your entire sales pipeline by seamlessly integrating with popular sales and marketing tools.


Account optimization: Drive engagement and increase conversions by leveraging valuable first-party signals.
Program optimization: Deliver personalized messaging through ABM Content Syndication, HQL/BANT & Social.
Pipeline optimization: Improve marketing decisions and increase ROI through a progressive sales pipeline.
Omnichannel Marketing

With our omnichannel marketing approach, your brand can connect and engage with customers across various touchpoints, providing a cohesive and optimized customer experience that delivers tangible business outcomes.

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