We develop media strategies across all channels and implement an innovative approach throughout the CX journey, using first-party data to rationalize and optimize each of the below steps
Drive higher conversions with a holistic funnel strategy!
At the awareness stage, it’s all about building connections and creating brand recognition. SalesMark Global’s expertly crafted blogs, podcasts, infographics, and multimedia content will help you do just that, reaching new audiences and driving growth for your business.
At the consideration stage, SalesMark Global provides valuable resources to help filtered prospects make informed decisions. Our educational resources, research, surveys, and promotional materials are designed to provide the information and insights needed to move forward.
At the conversion stage, SalesMark Global focuses on providing personalized attention to accounts and prospects. We’ll work with you to qualify potential accounts and marketing qualified accounts, ensuring the best possible fit for your business.
At the loyalty stage, we start with the core principle of providing you with a user base that consistently purchases from you and demonstrates reluctance to switch to other options.
Advocacy for us begins with one fundamental action - to prioritize users who actively recommend you to potential buyers.

Buyer Experience: Our Top Priority!

SalesMark Global’s holistic funnel strategy empowers digitally savvy B2B buyers, fostering personalized, meaningful interactions that drive lasting customer relationships and business growth.

1. Target Relevant & High-Intent Audience

As a media agency, we help you keep an eye on the metrics by building awareness with paid advertising and social media. With our analytical setup, we push you to the latter stages of the marketing funnel and help you nurture leads.


2. Convert Leads & Turn Consideration into Action

Our approach helps you optimize conversion rates the smart way by focusing on profits and the KPIs that actually matter. With our emphasis on truly influencing conversions, we assist you in increasing incentives and removing conversion barriers.

3. Building Loyalty & Converting Customers into Strategy

Providing a strong customer experience is at the heart of our approach. By closing leads from the first three stages of the funnel, we emphasize shifting toward customer retention and maximizing the value of each customer through success stories.

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