How infographics has taken over the world of Digital Marketing

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and rightly so, the same phrase has found its way into the world of digital marketing. At a time when the internet is beaming and overflowing with a glut of information, narrowing it down to a sizeable and graspable amount has become the need of the hour.

While there is no end to the flow of surplus information, infographics have come to the rescue of digital marketers. Be it a hundred million tweets, two million video content, or pictures and information, narrowing it down to sizeable details and graphics, can add to more content engagement.

What are infographics?
Just like the name, information, or data put across in a visual presentation, for instance, pie charts and bar graphs, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic, is infographics. These compelling visual data pieces put in a presentable manner can help grab the attention of your audience, adding to the audience engagement.

Infographics —the new ‘quick read’
Visual data and information tend to attract more and infographics do the task. When written content fails to get through, visual components can help attract your target audience. With the help of infographics, one can grasp a surplus amount of information at a glance without having to go through a lot. In a fast-paced life, one needs more amount of information in a shorter amount of time.

Enhancement of user base
An infographic is ‘shareable content’, i.e. an easy way to reach the maximum number without having to say or write elaborative. Visual content used in infographics can help in producing more likes, shares, and other social signals. With each like and share, the data needed to pass on using such visual components can create significantly more supporters. Digital marketers, thus use these to target specific audiences on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which can be downloaded by users for their own use, thus creating more outreach.

Leaders of social media
In the age of social media, you are only some clicks away from loads and loads of information. Within a fraction of a second, users can get hold of information that is catchy, quick, and crisp. With the incorporation of infographics that contain attractive and relevant colors, texts, or designs that can be easily circulated around the web, it is more likely for the user to relate and share the content further.

The overall brand benefit
Let’s be honest, visual experiences are memorable, and creating one for your brand or business will only add to the growth, and incorporating them can be a great way to do that. An infographic is meant to present complex information in a user-friendly way, wherein businesses can leverage these to cater to their target audience, and generate more interest, thus expanding their businesses.


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