Data Enrichment – an actionable database in B2B

Today, every aspect of business and marketing is data-driven, which means, data has become an essential part of the whole business arena. The dependence on data has also made it essential that we have a clear and bigger picture of the data to achieve great results. This is where data enrichment comes into play—a technique used to improve lead quality and create an actionable database.

What is Data Enrichment?

The process of taking an analytical step before lead generation, i.e. merging third-party data from an external, authoritative source with an existing database of customer information is known as data enrichment, or data enhancement. Data enrichment is used to create a ‘richer’, more complete profile for your customers and aid in filling in the gaps with important insights. Along with enhancing the shape, data enrichment also lets you get to know your lead better and the more you know about a lead, the better your chance of converting them.

The What and Why of Data Enrichment

As the name says, data enrichment helps in adding value to the already existing data, making it an essential part of marketing. Through data enrichment, businesses get a deeper awareness of who they are and what they are seeking. Companies today, are rethinking how data work efficiently and keeping up with the pace to win in today’s digital market.

But what makes all the data enrichment worthwhile is the way it is used. As data enrichment allows you to learn more about your customers, it helps you gain a deeper insight into who they are and what they want. However, value extends beyond that face value. Enriching data allows you to customer information in a better manner so that it’s in one place. It helps you build a 360° view of your customer, and that saves time and effort.

Benefits of Data Enrichment for Business Growth

When you have a clear picture of your data, the process of data enrichment can directly translate to more meaningful customer relationships and more business opportunities. Through data enrichment, you have enhanced customer segmentation that puts your customers into groups that accurately describe their likelihood of buying.

It also helps in better personalisation, i.e. when you understand who your customers are, you can target them with more relevant offers. Not just that, it also improves the customer experience overall. All of the interactions you have with customers will be better because you have better data on them. Complete and accurate data depict that your customers have a cheerful sight of your company and brand.


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